खिलाड़ियों की मेंटल फिटनेस पर धोनी के विचार

Dhoni retired from international cricket

Dhoni retired from international cricket
Fans became sad after hearing this.
A wicket-keeper batsman,
On which the whole world is proud.
Now eyes will find him on the field,
Eyes will fill when not found.
There were many captains in Indian cricket,
But Dhoni, you were different!
You are not the same.
Your popularity in the country is like that of Tendulkar,
Your importance can be understood by this.
Sachin’s dream of winning the World Cup-
You yourself come true
Your helicopter shot created a ruckus in the opposing team.
Proudly raised the chest of Indians in the world,
The entire party’s apocalypse was complete.
Your strategy in the cricket field,
Opponents did not have their feet.
Those who hit the ground with a tremendous shot,
Seeing your farewell, your loved ones are crying.
Despite being from a small town (Ranchi),
Indian cricket reached its peak
Made India a world winner in all three formats.
Captain Cool became captain,
Dusting opponents continued
Many records made in wicket keeping too
A little leg staggered out?
Without any doubt.
Let the rebels blush,
When did the batsman get out?
Could not even know.
In Keeping also established many criteria,
The batsman breathed a sigh of relief from your departure.
Now look forward what will you do?
Cricket administration or politics!
You like both
Wherever you try your hand,
Only success and success you’ll get.
(Good luck Mahendra Singh Dhoni)


Manzoor scaled
Author- Md. Manzoor Alam alias Nawab Manzoor
Salempur, Chapra, Bihar.


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